‘Elseworlds’ Arrowverse Crossover Behind-The-Scenes Pics Reveal Barry and Oliver in Their Switched Costumes

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A few days ago, we reported here about Arrow star Stephen Amell’s tweet declaring that a main premise of the Crossover between The Flash, Arrow and Supergirl would be Green Arrow and The Flash switching roles where, apparently, Oliver Queen gains the powers of The Scarlet Speedster and Barry Allen becomes The Emerald Archer in an Elseworlds tale, much […]

After One Weekend, ‘Halloween’ is the Highest Grossing Movie in the Franchise’s History with a $77.5 Million Domestic Haul

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Horror fans were hungry for the return of Michael Myers this weekend.  So much so, that they carved out a near-record opening at the October Box Office for the return of The Boogeyman. Halloween only trails Venom‘s $80 million opening weekend record just two weeks ago with a $77.5 million tally.  But that’s really all semantics, […]

OPINION: The Slasher Movie is Back – Expect An Announcement By New Line Cinema as Early as Monday Morning for a Visit Back To Elm Street

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I feel a turn in the tide when it comes to the long forgotten sub-genre of horror – the slasher film.  With the release of Halloween this weekend, everything points to a reemergence in the area. New Line Cinema released It to a record-breaking $123 million last year.  After seeing the movie, I wondered why the company […]

You Can Listen to John Carpenter’s Complete Score for 2018’s ‘Halloween’ Right Now

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Tonight, Jamie Lee Curtis makes her triumphant return as Laurie Strode (review here) in Halloween and now,Sacred Bones Records has made available the film’s new score today.  The music is composed by John Carpenter, Cody Carpenter, and Daniel Davies. The soundtrack will be officially released tomorrow, October 19, but Sacred Bones and EW got together to stream it today […]

REVIEW: Jamie Lee Curtis Makes an Incredibly Strong Comeback as a Laurie Strode for Modern Times in ‘Halloween’

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It was October 1981.  I saw 1978’s Halloween for the first time.  I had just turned three years old, 3 weeks prior.  The first memory of my life was watching this movie with my dad, because I largely slept through it, I think.  It had premiered on NBC that October and I agreed to watch […]

VIDEO: Michael Myers Mask Discussed By the People Behind the New ‘Halloween’

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To promote its upcoming release of Halloween (out Friday), Universal Pictures has released a brief featurette where the Filmmakers discuss the iconic Michael Myers mask. The man who played Michael Myers in the original 1978 film, Nick Castle, recently told EW that by his estimation, the secret of success to Myers’ legacy is his iconic mask. “It […]